Test Roll on a Contax G1

After debating on a point and shoot for a while, i decided to pick up a contax while on a trip to Japan.  Unfortunately i didn’t find one while on my trip, however i did find one right before my trip to the bay area.

Contax pictured left / Nikonos III pictured right

I took a quick test roll before leaving for the trip and felt like i may have met my new go to camera. I eventually plan to go more in depth about this camera at a later time, but for now i’ll lay out a few images.

First stop was to a pearl tea spot in mcully.  I compared new toys with a good friend, who also picked up a point and shoot.

The cvs in the mall seemed like a good a place as any to take a selfie

I was lucky enough to burn the rest of the roll on a small photo session with some other friends that don’t mind my camera in their face.

Film : Fuji Pro 400H

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