Comic Con HNL 2015

This past weekend was the  first Comic Con Honolulu, also known as Hoku Con.  It was held at the 4th floor of the Hawaii Convention center, starting Friday around lunch and ending Sunday in the late afternoon.   Due to some scheduling conflicts Mrs. Cat Party and I were unable to fully enjoy the convention together, we showed up pretty late on Friday and I worked all day Saturday.  Luckily we had all of Sunday to spend with our friends and each other.


I have attended a handful of conventions over the years and this was the first time I have ever worn a costume.   Mrs. Cat Party felt a real connection with Louise from a show called Bob’s Burger.  After finishing her costume, she put together something for me to join in on the fun.   The image above was taken Friday night and is the only one I have of us in matching costumes.

Saturday was the biggest day, so I’m sure I missed out on a lot of great photos.

I managed to snap a few photos on Sunday, but it wasn’t without some difficulty.  It was very tricky to hold the props and cameras at the same time.  There needs to be a change in my gear setup if I plan to dress up and continue taking photos the way I want to.

The heat at this convention was intense, all of these cosplayers are troopers for dressing up in outfits that would probably give me a heat stroke.

Pictured on the left is one of the biggest photographers on the island.  It was pretty much a “sempai noticed me” moment. Needless to say, I was stoked to meet her.

Nasubae’s company made our weekend.  Not only has she been helping me grow as a photographer, but she kept Mrs. Cat Party from being alone while i worked.

A lot of our time was spent hiding in the game or dealer room.  The AC was our salvation.

#JHMproductions made this wonderful Iron throne

Mrs. Cat Party picked up an accessory from Dasha, a local crafts vendor.

This summed up the feel as the convention ended.  Exhausted and empty.

I’m hoping next year, we will have better timing to attend the full 3 days.  The convention was on the smaller side, but the attendance for the weekend managed to reach 5,000.   I’m hoping they can grow and take up more of the convention center next year.  If you enjoy dressing up or seeing people in costume, I highly suggest attending next year.

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