Burnt at the beach

I was long overdue for a visit to the beach and paid dearly for it.  Even with two applications of sunblock, I still managed to fail at protecting myself.  I was excited to bring my Nikonos III and GoPro into the water, but not everything turned out as planned.  Unfortunately the Nikonos failed to rewind the film properly and it was all exposed to the horrible brightness of the sun before it was ready.

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Contax 45mm lens

A few weeks ago, I stopped by one of the local camera stores in Honolulu called Eight Elements Camera. I was playing with my Contax when the owner mentioned that he carried the 45mm F2 Carl Zeiss planar lens that was unlisted.

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Sunset Practice

The photos from one of my sunset walks were not as outstanding as I had hoped them to be.  I decided to return  with another friend in hopes of getting more experience under my belt.  Eric took lead while photographing Naomi and Sara hung out as a test subject.   more “Sunset Practice”

CatParty Walks 04 Ms Valentine and Cat

This isn’t exactly the type of Cat Portrait I’m aiming towards in my life, but maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting closer.  I met with Cat and her sister, Ms Valentine at Bread and Butter Cafe to start off our session.  I have shot with Cat on a few occasions before and she is always so full of energy. This was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting her sister. These little photo walks are always super casual, so I was surprised to hear that Ms Valentine was nervous to join us. more “CatParty Walks 04 Ms Valentine and Cat”

Overheating Kitten

Wrx Bandito, our new rescue kitten, had a rough few days.  I noticed he was acting a little down and felt warm to the touch.  Normally kittens have a higher body temperature than humans, they have a resting temperature of 101.5* Unfortunately, Wrx had reached 104* when we took out the thermometer.  We had the worst timing at discovering his fever because the vet had closed for the day. more “Overheating Kitten”

CatParty Walks 03 Anne

Hung out at the beach with Anne for little shoot.  It’s been several months since I had a chance to take photos with her so I brought a bunch of extra cameras to compensate.  My Fuji Instax wide and Contax G1 seen a decent amount of action in between the digital photos with my Canon. My GoPro was set on a tripod to record the video.  I also had my Yashica 635 on hand, but didn’t have a chance to bring it out, perhaps I reached my limit at 4 cameras per shoot. more “CatParty Walks 03 Anne”

Waialua Bon Dance

Bon dance season has been in full swing for a while, it lasts about 3 months in Hawaii. Waialua’s bon dance is on the smaller side and really hidden away from the main streets.  Anyone with a nice car would have difficulty getting to the event, even trucks don’t make it out safe.  My parent’s truck suffered a flat tire from a giant rock while parking and we had to do some late night tire repair when the bon dance finished. more “Waialua Bon Dance”

The Cat Party Grows!!!

Last week a friend, from my Subaru car club, contacted me about finding a kitten.  The poor guy was being tortured and drowned by a small group of children. I don’t know exactly what happened, but my friend managed to rescue the kitten from a certain death. Later that day Mrs. CatParty came home with the poor guy with the intention to foster him.  As with 2 others from the past, fostering and adopting are the same thing. more “The Cat Party Grows!!!”

Little Big Princess

The Cat Palace recently had a visitor for 2 nights.  Our new friend, named Princess, was not looking forward to sharing a house with 4 other cats.  She spent time in the bathroom observing the world through our windows. more “Little Big Princess”