CatParty Walks 04 Ms Valentine and Cat

This isn’t exactly the type of Cat Portrait I’m aiming towards in my life, but maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting closer.  I met with Cat and her sister, Ms Valentine at Bread and Butter Cafe to start off our session.  I have shot with Cat on a few occasions before and she is always so full of energy. This was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting her sister. These little photo walks are always super casual, so I was surprised to hear that Ms Valentine was nervous to join us.

After the initial jitters passed, we headed outdoors for a park on Tantalus.  The energy these sisters gave off was wonderful.  I’m glad i managed to get a few moments on video, but it makes me wish I had the equipment to capture the whole shoot properly.

At some point we took a break, waiting for some other friends to show up. During this time i managed to give myself a small cut on my leg from a branch or something in the grass.  It freaked the group out as i had a gnarly amount of blood coming down my leg.  How is it that paper cuts or hangnails can hurt so bad, yet i didn’t notice something like this happening.

The shoot was a lot of fun and I was even more excited to do a video commentary with both Cat and Ms Valentine. I’m really hoping this could become a regular thing.  They have some busy lives so I’ll be patiently waiting for another chance to do a shoot with these girls.

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