Amazing Hawaii Comic Con Saturday

Saturday was a bust on some aspects, but we still had a lot of fun throughout the day.

Getting to the convention was horrendous, it took an hour to park and the whole area surrounding the convention center was in grid lock.   One of our big idols also cut out before we arrived, Jessica Nigri only hung out at the convention for a few hours on the main day.  That left a big disappointing hole in our hearts as we hoped to be rewarded for waiting so long in traffic.

On the bright side, we got to spend time with different friends throughout the day.

We also picked up our image from Devin Roth

There were many wonderful cosplayers all over the convention, here are just a few I managed to stop as we walked around.


Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool asked my friend for a photo saying, ” Hey, I created that character, can I take a photo with you?”  It was her first con and she already achieved some life goals.

Adventure time is always on the back of our minds when we think about making a costume, but it never happens.  I’m glad this vampire queen has better priorities.

The convention was ridiculously packed.  The planning for this event was really lacking, they could have easily spaced things out to prevent so much over crowding.  There were unorganized lines everywhere, people waiting for Stan Lee and the other big comic artists caused so much confusion.  The walk back to our car was long and slow, Mrs. CatParty had to regen some energy before continuing.



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