Amazing Hawaii Comic Con Sunday

The final day of the convention was a lot smoother, in terms of parking and lines.   We donned our Bob’s Burgers cosplay once again and did many laps around the hall in search of cool costumes to photograph.  

As if it were all scheduled nicely, we were able to run into new friends when the old ones had to leave; the timing couldn’t have been better.  It totally gave us the chance to have in depth conversations without feeling rushed around.  If only this could happen all the time.  Jessica Nigri had one last panel and a crazy amount of people trying to get photos with her, we got lucky and took a gamble with where to line up for photos.  Hint: It wasn’t at the same spot as the large mob of people.

Mrs. CatParty found a cosplay Yoda as we were about to leave, he had such a wealth of information for her.   It’s a real shame that we didn’t check out his booth earlier, the panels he held were not all listed in the convention guide.  The tips were so entertaining, I had an urge to attempt making some foam armor.

The costume required to cosplay Bob was very minimal, but I felt it still got in the way of taking photos.  There is a type of utility belt available for holding the cameras and I think I could get by with that.   I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would be to cosplay something that requires more effort. If I had to choose, I’d rather sport my cat shirt and focus on photographing the other cosplayers, but don’t get me wrong, dressing up is pretty fun too.


A quick video of the weekend.  Hope you enjoy it.  Can’t wait for the next convention.




Also, Domino had a wonderful write up on her first time cosplaying.  You should totally check it out

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