First 2 rolls with the Mamiya RZ67

So the camera collecting has started to slow down a bit, aside from some lenses, the camera bodies I would like to acquire have been greatly minimized…… for now.   Over the past few months, I have been debating which medium format camera would best suite my wishes.

A camera that had a large waist level viewfinder was a must, I am totally in love with looking through them, it is such a magical experience.  Another must was the ability to use a Polaroid back for Fuji FP100C film.  There are several cameras that have the option to use instant film, but I felt the 6×4.5 format used too little of the film.  Basically this only left me with 6×7 cameras to choose from.  One big thing about cameras in that format, they are ridiculously huge, even for me.

The first roll of film that ran through the camera was Kodak Ektar 100, you may have seen a few of the shots from my previous post with a steampunk Snow White.
My suave friend, Boo met up with me immediately after purchasing the camera. Naturally, he ended up being the first person  I photographed.

Soon after the beach session, another friend came to the park and we hung out in the trees pictured behind Boo.

The next outing quickly finished this roll since it only takes 10 photos.  Next up was an old roll of Lomography 100 donated by Chiiera, one of my fave models that left the island for bigger and better things.  I was lucky to spend some time with 2 cuties willing to model a bit while we hung out at the beach.  They were super patient as I noobed up the controls of the camera and took a while to focus.

Everything about shooting with this Mamiya is great.  The 110mm f2.8 lens really sets up this camera so nicely. My only problem with taking the Rz67 out is the shear size that you have to deal with. Stuffing this into a normal camera bag means removing almost every other item you have to make room.  The weight also means you’re getting a small workout each time you hold it for a photo.

I’m planning to do a proper post on the camera and how it works, so I won’t get too detailed about it now.

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