Instant Print at Mori

Mori by Art and Flea and TreeHouse Hawaii hosted a night of instant print making on Wednesday.

TreeHouse sent over 2 of their beautiful workers to run the event, they provided 3 different ways to get prints.  The Vivitar instant slide printer used slide film and Fuji Fp100C.  Since slide film isn’t something people normally have, there were several slides provided for people to choose from.  I have not had a chance to shoot with slide film on my own, this was truly a missed chance to take advantage the printer.

The next 2 printers were used along side an app from your phone, it took the digital photos and turned them into instant prints.   Impossible Instant Lab gave a very unique style to the images with  black and white or color film.  The film was expired, but preserved in a fridge so it gave even more of a funky feel to the images.




The most used instant film of the night was the Fuji Instax Share.  It was very easy to set everything up and everyone ended up making several prints each. I managed to restrain myself and only do 11.


Normally when a group of people stare into their phone the whole night, you may think that we all have some sort of difficulty socializing.   This night was an exception to that idea, everyone continuously scrolled through their photo albums to find the perfect photos to print out.
Much thanks to Mori Hawaii and TreeHouse Hawaii for hosting the event, I hope this could be some type of semi annual get together.

Instagram accounts can be found :
@treehousehawaii      –  with it’s beautiful workers      @thunderhug  @cosmicaloha


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