Anime Matsuri Sunday 2015

Final day of the convention felt quick, we were unable to attend the early panels so that already lost us 2 hours.

I only took a handful of photos while walking around the convention center, but there was a wonderful opportunity to photograph a few new friends.  This is basically the second time I managed to have a small shoot at a convention.  We have attended conventions for a few years already, but I have always just hung out and asked for a few snaps while we walked around.  Having a full blown shoot is very new to me.  I see a lot of guys walking around with complete lighting setups and realize I need to step up my game if I want to turn out some nicer images. As usual, I derped around the whole time and got lucky with a few shots.

Since it was the final day and I decided to change it up a bit, my Mamiya RZ67 came out of hiding along with the polaroid back.  The timing was perfect since we managed to hang out upstairs where there was ample light to work with.  Film speed for the instant photos always creates a challenge that I must take into consideration when looking for locations to shoot. I plan to make a separate post later when I get the normal color film developed.

@Mocchi.Sama as Sinon from Sword Art Online

@thekakashicouple were totally on a roll with posing together.  I definitely need to take notes on how they position themselves for photos, I am totally lacking on coming up with poses on my own.


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