Shadow shooting

I came across this neat spot a while back, the sun was setting just as I pulled up so I had to come back another day.  A miracle of timing happened and a few of my friends managed to meet up all at once.  These girls have been super patient with my obsession to constantly take photos while we hang out. I realize now that it’s not exactly normal social behavior to constantly snap away while we should be having conversations, some people find that incredibly annoying.

Introducing friends to each other is always a tense moment for me, there have been many occasions where enemies were created or relationships fell apart.  Cyn and Sara hit it off from the very first day I introduced them.  It’s a shame we all can’t get together more often, life just gets in the way and free time is hard to come by for them.

Finally, as the sun had fizzled out and the girls wanted to eat, Natalie managed to join us.  Selfie hangout time began as we made our way to dinner.

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