Hotel Transylvania Cosplay

Stella PinkPrincess is a cosplayer located in Oahu, she has quiet a following in the community and was awarded Best in show for her Bioshock 3 group cosplay at the first Anime Matsuri Hawaii. A few of her images had gone viral when she dressed as Mavis, but she still wanted to do a proper shoot as that character.   I was fortunate enough to plan a meet up with her and have a fun casual shoot.  We had a bit of trouble working out a location for a skate park at night so we took an implied idea out of the first movie where Mavis wanted to visit “Haweewee”

After the walk around Waikiki, we stopped by a 7-11 to pick up some dessert.  Just so happens to be the same location Mavis visited during the second movie.

The workers were very kind about letting us hang out and slowly make some purchases.


You can check out her Instagram @stellapinkprincess

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