CatParty Walks 07 – Julia

New Cat enthusiast to join the party and her name is Julia.  I’ve lost count on the times I accidentally typed my name instead of hers, including the two times it happened just to reach this sentence. 

She is no stranger to the camera having been in some lovely film photos and also shooting the occasional roll back in the day.  Our day out was perfect in timing since I had grabbed some instant cameras right before our meeting.

The gear list:

  • Canon 6D
  • Polaroid Sx70
  • Polaroid 680
  • Mamiya Rz67 with Across 100
  • Lomo Instant Wide

Trying to handle that much gear is just ridiculous, I need to start leaving things at home or walk around with a pack mule.

When the magic light hit, I frantically ran back and forth from my bag to switch out cameras.  This magic hour sure passed by mighty fast, it felt like a magic commercial break.

The Lomo Instant Wide was over exposing for a few shots and I totally forgot about the manual focus for some others, perhaps taking it out of the box right before a shoot was not the best idea.  On the bright side, scans of the over exposed shots look pretty neat.

The Polaroids were nailing it with the exposure and funky goodness.  That doesn’t always happen, maybe the new pack of Impossible film has improvements ? I believe they have an unofficial version 1.5 or 2 for their color.


Julia was a blast to work, her vibe and vision for the photos totally mashed well with my potato skills.  Get it? Oh man, I love writing these things late at night when I should be sleeping.  The puns just get so much better and I constantly giggle when I think of one.



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