Kawaii Kon 2016

This year’s Kawaii Kon was full of ups and downs, I don’t think I have ever been so drained from a convention and I hope it’s the only time.  

I’ve been casually snapping photos at anime / comic conventions for a few years, generally asking for a quick snap of the cosplayer then moving along.  I have recently started getting a bit more time with a few cosplayers that I have befriended and was really looking forward to some quality time to spend on actual photo shoots.  Friday flew by so quickly and I managed to have a decent amount of time with a few friends.   It would have been a perfect day had I not dropped a lens while rushing around and gash my foot open on some broken glass.


Saturday had a very rough start, we were caught up in traffic caused by a police chase and arrived almost 4 hours later than we had planned.  A handful of shoots had to be cancelled which really killed me. By the time we showed up, no one was available to shoot for a while then suddenly everyone showed up at once.  I totally got into photo mode and did what I could to make use of the quick sunset.  There was nice combination of workflow when @barryola and I started shooting next to eachother. Due to the late arrival and bombardment of shooting around sunset, I missed a ton of the wonderful cosplays for Saturday.


Standing in line to see Jessica Nigri on Sunday  went by much quicker than normal, we were lucky enough to be right next to some lively new friends.  The rest of my time was once again spent photographing people in their final cosplays of the weekend.  As everything came to a close I continued to roam around for a little longer, hoping to find just one more cosplayer to photograph.  Much appreciation goes out to all the people I met during this convention, the experiences won’t soon be forgotten.


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