All Day I Dream About Pizza

I managed to get a small gig shooting some products for a local skate brand. All Day I Dream About Pizza had a few shirts and pins to display.  This was the first time I got to shoot products for someone and the general theme kind of lined up with how I normally shoot anyway.   more “All Day I Dream About Pizza”

The Dancing Cat San Jose

While on our trip to the Bay Area, Mrs. CatParty and I hit up 2 cat cafes.   The Dancing Cat San Jose popped up last year for a few months near downtown San Jose.  Coincidentally, it’s right next to my favorite spot to grab an horchatta( Casa Vikcy …. I miss you ) more “The Dancing Cat San Jose”

All I do is eat on trips

So I know I’m not the only one that spends their trip eating, but sometimes I feel bad eating everything in sight and focusing every hang out around food.  There are friends and family to see when I make my annual trip to San Jose, but it’s difficult to see them when food is blocking the view.  I also found that editing photos on my current laptop is not the deals, the display is not accurate to what I’m used to.   more “All I do is eat on trips”