Comic Con Honolulu 2016

Last month was another convention for Oahu and as usual, I spent most of my time outside trying to snag some photos.  

I’ve come to a point where I am probably handing a side camera to Mrs. Catparty so she can record some of the panels for me.  The guests that came down had some great stories to tell and I really felt like I was missing out on greatness.   Hopefully I’ll have something figured out by the time the next con rolls around.

So it’s been over a year since I’ve gotten more into cosplay photography and there are still so many people I haven’t met yet.  I got to reunite with the few cosplayers that I already knew and met a giant crew of people that I have been following on IG.  They were a lively bunch and my arms were dead tired from giving big hugs by the end of the convention.


I uploaded all my photos to some galleries on my FB page , but I’ll throw a few here just to give a highlight of the weekend.  I also forgot to finish up the Vlog for the longest time, it was 90% done immediately after the convention and I just forgot to do the voice over. Whoops.




We were all burnt out by the end of the convention.  I hope everyone remembers to stay hydrated and not overdue things.  I hear so many stories of people getting sick from last minute workshops or being drained mentally from getting caught up in too much.  This really messes up the good times that should be had during these events.  I’m looking forward to everyone’s future cosplays and positive vibes.

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