Cinestill 800 Test Roll

A few months ago Cinestill held a Kickstarter to bring their film to formats larger than 35mm.  The packages intrigued me so I picked up 2 of the deals they offered.  I also just so happened to be randomly chosen as a lucky person given a roll of their cinestil 800T 120 film.  I felt unprepared for making use of that new film so I picked up a roll of the 35mm 800T from the local camera store and loaded my Canon Eos 1N.  I was right to assume there would be some needed practice,  there are many more options for light sources at night and it requires a bit more effort to figure out what is not a tungsten light source.   The mixing of daylight or fluorescent lighting really messed with the colors when I was trying to just shoot with ambient light.


There were times when the lighting worked with the tungsten setting of the film.  These were a bit more closed off from any other light source that could be interfering with the colors and it worked especially well when I gelled a speedlite to match the tungsten light.


I’m looking forward to using this film again, but the price tag will keep it from being easily stocked in my collection.   For more information on the film you can check out


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