Suns out Buns out

Caught up in the moment of taking some cool photos in a new spot, I forgot to put sunblock on.   The following days were pretty horrible, but at least I got some cool photos.  A nice chill session with Cat and her friends.   The light at this time of day was harsh so it gave some really intense shadows everywhere.  It made for a challenging take on how to handle the light and the secret was to hide in a cave.

I was not fully prepared for this day, as I had only a handful of shots in my film camera before I ran out. My Canon EOS 1N was bulky and distracted me from realizing I didn’t bring extra film. Thankfully Cat and her Kodak Gold were there grace me with their presence.   This was actually the first time I shot with Kodak Gold since I started shooting film again, I really liked how the colors came out.   Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get axed from the production line anytime soon.


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