Insert Clever Pun About Sexy Cat Ladies Here

Once in a while there will the stars will align and a random conversation will lead to a shoot that I didn’t expect to accomplish anytime soon.  

I was lucky enough to hang out with @ouija_fox and her group of friends before the summer officially ended for everyone.  After having talked about the new hotness in cosplay outfits being related to cat girls, she had an idea about doing a shoot with her friend. This friend just so happened to have the exact outfit I was talking about. After getting our scheduling in order, the day came where I got to attempt a cosplay themed lingerie shoot.   Ouija had a lot of tips and it was like a mini workshop, her eye for composition was stellar and I attempted to pick up some tricks.


I’m really not comfortable with how to handle shooting in my own home, I am positive there are a lot of really good spots to work out of, but I can’t grasp it all.  Lucky for me, I have a few friends willing to let me fake it till I make it.  Now to just find that niche of cat boudoir photography.

Thanks to:

@ouija_fox for putting this together.

@milkydoujin coming in clutch with the classy lingerie and modeling for me.

@workcasual for helping me try to figure out some lights and feeding me.

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