Kitten on the Beach

Met up with Kitten on a beach without really thinking of what the area would have for lighting at night.  It turned out to be pitch black and pretty damn creepy.  Luckily we didn’t run into anything and I had my flash.  In really dark spots like this, it helps to have a flash light so your camera can focus a lot easier.  Using an off camera speedlite is still a bit foreign to me if the light is heading straight for the subject. It took a while to find a groove with the flash and where to set it, I’m really trying to focus on speeding up how long this adjustment period takes.  Due to the sketchy feels and pitch black scenes, I liked the hard shadows coming across everything.


2 thoughts on “Kitten on the Beach

  1. James Reply

    Does Kitten have a modeling page?

    1. Reply

      I believe she hasn’t done anything since she left Hawaii. Sorry

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