Sheer sunset

Bonnie had this nice little body suit and sheer robe to shoot with.   Naturally, I wanted to hit up a spot that let the sun shine through.  As nice as the spot is for photos, there tends to be a lot of cat calling from people driving by and even going so far as almost causing accidents when they stop paying attention to driving.


2 thoughts on “Sheer sunset

  1. Levi Reply

    Ohayoo from Kyoto!! How are you doing man?

    Cat-calling really pisses me off… but I guess it means you’re doing a good job? Haha I definitely think so! Sheer fabric and golden hour are part of my favorite type of photo shoots. I like the creaminess I see in all your images.

    Sure miss shooting at home. Let’s get some boba tea when I get back? In the mean while, keep up the good stuff!
    Kudos to Bonnie, too!


    1. Reply

      Yah, i really wish these people would learn how to handle it a bit less like a savage. It ended up getting dangerous when the accidents almost happened.

      Dude shoot a ton of neon settings if you can!! i’m dying for that kind of scene here

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