Fanime 2017 Part 1

The time of the year for Fanime registration has come and it’s probably about time I post some photos from last year.  I’m definitely not cut out to handle these long days of walking around taking photos, now that I think about it, maybe I should do some cardio training before the 2018 event.  I headed up to Cali solo and managed to stay around a lot of the photographers outside the convention halls.  The area for photos is prime for lighting and space but the bigger this con gets, the more difficult it gets to have room for yourself.  Here is a sample of the amazing outfits I got to see while up there.

One thought on “Fanime 2017 Part 1

  1. El Vilo Reply

    Android 16!!
    The new dbz video game is pretty lit. Both the storyline and graphics were amazing.
    Go for walks outside your place! You live in a good town ah?

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