San Jose Trip

When I wasn’t running around the convention, I spent a lot of time chasing down cats and food.  I feel like this is repeated everytime I go on a trip.

Perhaps I should try doing other things when I leave the island, but it’s so entertaining to keep this kind of schedule up.   The various boba spots have helped bring me one step closer to a sweet sugary end, hopefully, I die of something else before that really happens. TeaSpoon definitely took a lot of my money.  They have a special strawberry cream drink that I love and it was available only for a short time.   I think that drink, in particular, may have become a main menu item, my fingers are crossed.

Shoutout to @alldayidreamaboutpizza  .   A friend was wearing the same shirt I brought with me on the trip.   Super stoked to see it across the ocean.


I got a new friend that judges me just like the ones back home.  Soooooooooooo much energy for this little one that it was difficult to keep him inside the house.


Stopped by Santa Cruz and didn’t really know how to handle that place.   The general restaurants I’m in search of don’t really exist on this side, they did have a nice bakery though. 


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