Wandering the mall with a Sofa

A few of us had a casual day roaming around the usual spots in town before grabbing some boba. The new half of Ala Moana shopping center has some nice areas to goof off at, so far the security doesn’t mind my casual photos.  I try not to make it too obnoxious when we stop to snap a few, I’m hoping it will keep them from getting upset.  My goal in these scenarios isn’t to have a the vibe of a real shoot, but more lifestyle.  I get really inspired when I see a good lifestyle photoset and would love to elevate my skills in that area.


After running out of spots in the mall, we headed over to Salt Kakaako for the casualness to continue.  The open area in the middle is just great for that natural light to fall in and it’s a spot I always like to hit up.  Having said that, I tried playing with a small flash disc to see how this thing can change it up.

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