Anime Expo 2017 Part 1

So Anime Expo 2018 is just around the corner and I’m reminded of the fact that I haven’t posted any photos from that crazy weekend.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this year.   I can only hope that I find a way to make it up to a few mainland cons next year.  This trip was the first time I’ve been back in LA for about a decade and even though I was there for about a week, I barely saw anything except for the convention center.

LAX was a giant shit storm of craziness even at 11:30 PM, I couldn’t believe the number of people everywhere. We managed to stay at an AirBnb a few minutes away from the con in theory, but the crowds always made it a challenge. An hour of solid walking in lines was required to get our badges so we rewarded ourselves with some boba to end Day 0.


The first day of AX was utter chaos, all immediate parking lots were full and traffic was at a dead stop for hours.  People that weren’t early on badge pick up waited an average of 6 hours in a line that went through a very sketchy homeless area.   Even with a badge in hand, the main entrance was a stampede of people slowly shoving their way towards the front.

My main responsibility for this trip was to guide a Groot and Rocket Raccoon that couldn’t maneuver or see easily.  As I guided these tiny heroes around people would make comments about how cute it was to dress my child up as Groot.  Little did they know I was helping out adults that just so happen to lack my height.

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