Anime Expo Part 2

As the expo rolled on, we got to check out the dealer halls.  I’ve never seen a con with such large setups from the big vendors in the business, it was pretty overwhelming.  

There needed to be a sacrifice in order to do certain things, you either roam the con for the day or spend several hours in a single line to reach a specific item or event.  Game demos were about 2 hours on average to reach the station and the first days were hectic to get AX exclusive merchandise.


Azula spent the day looking for fellow fire nation citizens and only managed to find a handful.  On the bright side, there were many others to take photos with throughout the weekend.


It felt like you would come across an interesting cosplay as soon as you finished looking at the previous one, there were several talented people walking around and I could only attempt to capture a few of them.


The chaos of the weekend killed me and by the end I had to take a break or risk getting dizzy from the crowd.  It could have been an overload for my eyes or just exhaustion, but it was the first con I needed such a break.  Photo stations outside were really hard to work with unless you had a flash setup, completely different from how fanime is.  I managed to get general hallway shots but nothing too crazy with a lot of alone time.

Here’s to hoping I get another chance to visit this con and chase down more people.

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