Kickin it with Juri

If there is one thing I’m starting to notice with gels, it’s pretty great to have a shiny material reflecting the color. The reflections just add more color to the scene and it really helps to bring in more when you have such a dark background. 

Sachi decided to make a new cosplay of Juri from Street Fighter.  Juri has a pretty crazy personality and people really enjoy getting into character for the photos.  Aside from the crazy eyes, this girl likes to kick so it’s important to stretch so you don’t get a cramp holding the poses.

There were plans to shoot this outfit for a large group meet up but those plans went to trash and it fell through.   Sachi and I  met at a later date giving me a chance to add my style to the photo pool.   About 3 other photographers managed to shoot this same cosplay within the week so it was really entertaining to see the variety of styles. The other shots can be found on Instagram.  @sachisenpai


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