Kill la Kill x Re:Zero

Had 2 cuties over the other day and got a couple of quick cosplay shots in.

This shoot went surprisingly fast, I believe more time was spent in the prep than the actual shooting.  Once I got the lighting settled on we took a handful of poses and angles then switched out.  We had @nihaokarlyn as Emilia from Re:Zero for the first photoset.  In the show, Subaru is the main love interest for Emilia.  Subaru in real life is a company that is known for their blue cars, so it was only natural to use blue gels for the background.  At the time I didn’t think of such a wonderful reason to use that setup, so instead we ended up with purple.  I can only hope to be more on point with my color choices next time.  Second up was @yukiisaura in her Ryuuko from Kill La Kill.  There’s a lot of red accents in her outfit so it wasn’t hard to think about turning it up a notch.  We doubled up on the gels and had red coming from both sides.  Next thing you know, @mizukistar showed up with lunch and we had all been overcome with hunger.


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