Mori’s 2nd Cat Cafe

January 28th marked another pop up cat cafe for Mori.   This time around there were reservation times to keep the lines controlled a bit more.  There were several cat themed products available including shirts, pins and stickers from various local brands. There was a photo booth provided by Photo Ops Hawaii and refreshments from Morning Glass Coffee had a refreshment table with delicious snacks.

It was a bit hectic so some of the kittens needed alone time and didn’t stay out for long, thankfully about 7 kittens managed to find a furever home by the end of the day.  It will be great if Mori manages to create a permanent location for people to drop in and enjoy the kitten party frequently.

The kittens arriving in their crates minutes before being let loose around the store.

Cat Daze

A good friend has loaned me the 100m L F2.8 Macro lens for my Canon EOS system.   It’s been one of the lenses on my wish list for a while, but I just never got around to purchasing it. I’ll probably make a post with a better overview of the actual lens, but for now I wanted to play around with the cats and this lens.  The cats aren’t really fans of having a camera shoved in front of their face so I need to start rewarding them with more treats.

The Dancing Cat San Jose

While on our trip to the Bay Area, Mrs. CatParty and I hit up 2 cat cafes.   The Dancing Cat San Jose popped up last year for a few months near downtown San Jose.  Coincidentally, it’s right next to my favorite spot to grab an horchatta( Casa Vikcy …. I miss you ) more “The Dancing Cat San Jose”

New Cat Scratcher

It’s been about 2 years since we got our cat scratchers and they have begun to show signs of wear. Keeping a decent amount of well maintained scratchers is key to preventing the cats from tearing up our furniture. more “New Cat Scratcher”

Overheating Kitten

Wrx Bandito, our new rescue kitten, had a rough few days.  I noticed he was acting a little down and felt warm to the touch.  Normally kittens have a higher body temperature than humans, they have a resting temperature of 101.5* Unfortunately, Wrx had reached 104* when we took out the thermometer.  We had the worst timing at discovering his fever because the vet had closed for the day. more “Overheating Kitten”

The Cat Party Grows!!!

Last week a friend, from my Subaru car club, contacted me about finding a kitten.  The poor guy was being tortured and drowned by a small group of children. I don’t know exactly what happened, but my friend managed to rescue the kitten from a certain death. Later that day Mrs. CatParty came home with the poor guy with the intention to foster him.  As with 2 others from the past, fostering and adopting are the same thing. more “The Cat Party Grows!!!”

Little Big Princess

The Cat Palace recently had a visitor for 2 nights.  Our new friend, named Princess, was not looking forward to sharing a house with 4 other cats.  She spent time in the bathroom observing the world through our windows. more “Little Big Princess”

I cheated on my cats

We have 4 cats so my house is basically a mini cat palace.  I spend more time than i’d like to admit photographing these chaotic kitties. Our only male cat is named Butters and he has a few health conditions, one of which caused all but 2 of his teeth to be removed. Butters has a magnificent derpy gaze that I love to capture and he has not let me down in the recent photos.

more “I cheated on my cats”