Kickin it with Juri

If there is one thing I’m starting to notice with gels, it’s pretty great to have a shiny material reflecting the color. The reflections just add more color to the scene and it really helps to bring in more when you have such a dark background.  more “Kickin it with Juri”

Cat Daze

A good friend has loaned me the 100m L F2.8 Macro lens for my Canon EOS system.   It’s been one of the lenses on my wish list for a while, but I just never got around to purchasing it. I’ll probably make a post with a better overview of the actual lens, but for now I wanted to play around with the cats and this lens.  The cats aren’t really fans of having a camera shoved in front of their face so I need to start rewarding them with more treats.

Cinestill 800 Test Roll

A few months ago Cinestill held a Kickstarter to bring their film to formats larger than 35mm.  The packages intrigued me so I picked up 2 of the deals they offered.  I also just so happened to be randomly chosen as a lucky person given a roll of their cinestil 800T 120 film. more “Cinestill 800 Test Roll”

All I do is eat on trips

So I know I’m not the only one that spends their trip eating, but sometimes I feel bad eating everything in sight and focusing every hang out around food.  There are friends and family to see when I make my annual trip to San Jose, but it’s difficult to see them when food is blocking the view.  I also found that editing photos on my current laptop is not the deals, the display is not accurate to what I’m used to.   more “All I do is eat on trips”

Tourist time

Hung out with @kougs for a little walk around a hotel in Waikiki.  The lighting had changed from the last time I took photos there so things didn’t go as planned, but we still managed to get something out of it.  more “Tourist time”