Kickin it with Juri

If there is one thing I’m starting to notice with gels, it’s pretty great to have a shiny material reflecting the color. The reflections just add more color to the scene and it really helps to bring in more when you have such a dark background.  more “Kickin it with Juri”

Anime Expo Part 2

As the expo rolled on, we got to check out the dealer halls.  I’ve never seen a con with such large setups from the big vendors in the business, it was pretty overwhelming.   more “Anime Expo Part 2”

Anime Expo 2017 Part 1

So Anime Expo 2018 is just around the corner and I’m reminded of the fact that I haven’t posted any photos from that crazy weekend.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this year.   I can only hope that I find a way to make it up to a few mainland cons next year.  This trip was the first time I’ve been back in LA for about a decade and even though I was there for about a week, I barely saw anything except for the convention center.

LAX was a giant shit storm of craziness even at 11:30 PM, I couldn’t believe the number of people everywhere. We managed to stay at an AirBnb a few minutes away from the con in theory, but the crowds always made it a challenge. An hour of solid walking in lines was required to get our badges so we rewarded ourselves with some boba to end Day 0.


The first day of AX was utter chaos, all immediate parking lots were full and traffic was at a dead stop for hours.  People that weren’t early on badge pick up waited an average of 6 hours in a line that went through a very sketchy homeless area.   Even with a badge in hand, the main entrance was a stampede of people slowly shoving their way towards the front.

My main responsibility for this trip was to guide a Groot and Rocket Raccoon that couldn’t maneuver or see easily.  As I guided these tiny heroes around people would make comments about how cute it was to dress my child up as Groot.  Little did they know I was helping out adults that just so happen to lack my height.

Fanime 2017 Part 1

The time of the year for Fanime registration has come and it’s probably about time I post some photos from last year.  I’m definitely not cut out to handle these long days of walking around taking photos, now that I think about it, maybe I should do some cardio training before the 2018 event.  more “Fanime 2017 Part 1”

Beach D.VA

The wonderful thing about Overwatch is the huge variety of outfits available for the cosplay community.   Masapuff picked up a swimsuit and we hit up the beach for some photos and snacks.  more “Beach D.VA”

Kawaii Kon Saturday 2017

The rest of the weekend involved me attempting to find friends to photograph.  A lot of them were running around in preparation for the big contest.  The prep for prejudging and the actual show caused some difficulties finding them till after everything finished.   I also feel like my time management could have been done better. While I did manage to shoot a handful of my friends, there were many people I missed.  Internal crying occurs when I finally saw all the great cosplays everyone else had the chance to photograph.

This whole problem developed from the way I started shooting.   There are almost no general hallway shots anymore, I have started pulling off to the side in order to avoid the crowds or find some decent lighting.  It means the people meeting with me get a lot more attention at the cost of not running into others. I really enjoy meeting everyone during these cons so there needs to be an adjustment to how I manage my time.


Kawaii Kon Friday 2017

Kawaii Kon came through like a hurricane this past weekend. I didn’t dress up as Bob from Bob’s Burgers for once.   That caused a lot of confusion for the people used to only seeing me with a mustache.  It got even worse when I dressed up with a friend  doing a real cosplay and no one knew who I was.   Half of my Friday was spent dressed as Batou from Ghost in the Shell along with Sachi Senpai as Major Kusanagi.   I lost about 70% of my vision and had to be guided around like a puppy, it was an entertaining challenge to navigate the area and recognize people.  I failed miserably and would not have survived if it weren’t for my friends guiding me.

I managed to get a few shoots in before I had to dress up.



From here on out, I went full potato and decided to keep taking photos even though I was blind.   I left everything up to the autofocus in the camera.   You think I’d be frustrated with missing a few shots but I had a blast trying to do this.   After snapping some casuals I attempted a real shoot, I managed to get a pretty good set of photos.


@kebin.808  took over the camera for a minute and nailed some shots of me and @sachisenpai together.



The eye pieces were removed and I had my vision again.   Snapped a few more photos on the way to purchase @emkehawaii ‘s new CD