Studio Practice with Aiko

Creating a very ghetto rigged studio out of my living room has been surprisingly constructive. Shoving around all the furniture and setting up some sort of background brings out a little creativity to get things in order.  I’ll need to pick up pieces of furniture or something to add to the photos.  @spicyaoiroll had a lovely black dress that we used to shoot with a white backdrop.  I could see myself getting tired of white, so even just a different color of paper roll would be nice.   We snapped a couple more outback with a vape.  When the wind isn’t a problem, the clouds created can make for a really unique element in the photo.

Shadow shooting

I came across this neat spot a while back, the sun was setting just as I pulled up so I had to come back another day.  A miracle of timing happened and a few of my friends managed to meet up all at once.  These girls have been super patient with my obsession to constantly take photos while we hang out. more “Shadow shooting”