Fanime 2016

Our trip to the Bay area ended with Fanime and it blew through like a hurricane.  We managed to get a hotel at the Marriott, which enabled us to stay around much later than we normally do.  Although, we still did not crack out till the late hours like all the other people did. I made an attempt to hang out at the game room one early morning and I looked like trash the next day. Oh how I wish for caffeine. more “Fanime 2016”

DeadPool with Lauren

During the Amazing Comic Con I came across this wonderful Khaleesi cosplayer named Lauren.  Due to some bad luck, I was unable to get a photo with her.  I was able to get in connection through Instagram and managed to get a shoot with her.  Lauren just so happened to get a new costume set up, the Khaleesi outfit will have to wait till another day because Deadpool is here to party. more “DeadPool with Lauren”

Amazing Hawaii Comic Con Friday

The Amazing Hawaii Comic Con is the first local convention Mrs. Catparty and I are able to attend, for the full weekend. We usually are only able to make it for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday, sometimes both if we are lucky.  The lines were pretty long, but it didn’t feel horribly bad; it was pretty frigging hot though. more “Amazing Hawaii Comic Con Friday”