Shot with AnnAsian

Quick lil shoot with some friends.   They were trying to show me how to fill in some light with reflectors.  Been a while since this happened, definitely need to reschedule another shoot with @annasian. more “Shot with AnnAsian”

Beach session with the Fuji XT-2

I’ve been bringing out the XT-2 pretty consistently since I got it.  This day was no different, the 56mm Fujinon was the only lens I used for this day out with Lauren.  The focal length took some getting used to.  I initially shot at 135mm for a majority of the time last year.  While I do enjoy the compression from such a long lens, it’s nice to work in areas that have limited space, something the 135mm lens wouldn’t do easily. This area didn’t have much room to step back so it worked out very well.

Sunset Practice

The photos from one of my sunset walks were not as outstanding as I had hoped them to be.  I decided to return  with another friend in hopes of getting more experience under my belt.  Eric took lead while photographing Naomi and Sara hung out as a test subject.   more “Sunset Practice”

CatParty Walks 04 Ms Valentine and Cat

This isn’t exactly the type of Cat Portrait I’m aiming towards in my life, but maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting closer.  I met with Cat and her sister, Ms Valentine at Bread and Butter Cafe to start off our session.  I have shot with Cat on a few occasions before and she is always so full of energy. This was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting her sister. These little photo walks are always super casual, so I was surprised to hear that Ms Valentine was nervous to join us. more “CatParty Walks 04 Ms Valentine and Cat”

Waialua Bon Dance

Bon dance season has been in full swing for a while, it lasts about 3 months in Hawaii. Waialua’s bon dance is on the smaller side and really hidden away from the main streets.  Anyone with a nice car would have difficulty getting to the event, even trucks don’t make it out safe.  My parent’s truck suffered a flat tire from a giant rock while parking and we had to do some late night tire repair when the bon dance finished. more “Waialua Bon Dance”

Fuji X-Pro 1 Unboxing

I’ve had the Fuji X100S for a while and started considering an upgrade to an X-Series camera with interchangeable lenses.  Last week, the camera gods sent me a sign on what i should do.  B and H posted a sale for the X-Pro 1 along with the Fujinon 35mm f1.4 and Fujinon 27mm F2.8 lenses.  I felt that this deal was too good to pass up and made haste with emptying my wallet. more “Fuji X-Pro 1 Unboxing”

CatParty Walks: Mari

This latest walk was a real change of pace.  Normally when we do these walks, I generally bring both a digital and film camera to play around with.  This shoot had an extra element of filming video added.  My friend Boo helped me  pick up a GoPro.  The world of video is entirely new to me, so bear with me on these early videos until I get a bit more comfortable with the whole process.

more “CatParty Walks: Mari”

I cheated on my cats

We have 4 cats so my house is basically a mini cat palace.  I spend more time than i’d like to admit photographing these chaotic kitties. Our only male cat is named Butters and he has a few health conditions, one of which caused all but 2 of his teeth to be removed. Butters has a magnificent derpy gaze that I love to capture and he has not let me down in the recent photos.

more “I cheated on my cats”

Magic Island Sunset

The other day i joined 2 good friends for a little stroll around magic island. I played around with my Canon and instax mini90 while my friends had some newish gear they wanted to make use of.   The waves were bringing in a good amount of surfers and photographers. more “Magic Island Sunset”