Shadow shooting

I came across this neat spot a while back, the sun was setting just as I pulled up so I had to come back another day.  A miracle of timing happened and a few of my friends managed to meet up all at once.  These girls have been super patient with my obsession to constantly take photos while we hang out. more “Shadow shooting”

Lomography Time Capsule

There is a small bag of undeveloped film that has been gaining some age, I’m talking about months not years, so it isn’t extremely old.  Every once in a while I take one of those rolls to develop along with the current batch. more “Lomography Time Capsule”

CatParty Walks 03 Anne

Hung out at the beach with Anne for little shoot.  It’s been several months since I had a chance to take photos with her so I brought a bunch of extra cameras to compensate.  My Fuji Instax wide and Contax G1 seen a decent amount of action in between the digital photos with my Canon. My GoPro was set on a tripod to record the video.  I also had my Yashica 635 on hand, but didn’t have a chance to bring it out, perhaps I reached my limit at 4 cameras per shoot. more “CatParty Walks 03 Anne”